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 Shenzhen ling jiang computer technology co., LTD was founded in 2002, is a professional engaged in industrial control products development, production, sales and automation system integration company. Now the main products are industrial tablet PC, work-managing machine, firewall machine, industrial control main board, etc.

 Motherboard OEM custom, ling dynamic motherboard scheme custom, the company is a main subject, the company research and development department a straight to the project development and practice, and on the base of research and development more products. In the spirit of "take the customer as the center" the management idea, "the good faith, the equal" principle of others, warm reception customer, sincerely service customer, realize a customer interests and maximize the value of, to ensure that the user to product application of reliability and safety.

 The company has a computer in the industrial control area, extremely rich experience of professional and technical team, and Intel, AMD, VIA, AUO, AMT, a number of other industrial control software and hardware manufacturers. And in 2005, was established in Taiwan r&d center, the advanced industrial computer control technology service in Chinese traditional industry, to improve industrial control equipment technical transformation and application level, lift up companies in the industry's popularity.

 With a wide range of industry customer channel and fast market strain capacity, the company business in a short time, the rapid developed, and in some government and scientific research colleges and universities also established business relations, with the good faith management, enterprising spirit and extensive customer resources, the company in the fierce competition in the market steady development. For many years, for the domestic many large-scale enterprises to provide a large number of automation engineering equipment and some automation control system design scheme, in the process, the company's business scope and technical services at a higher and deeper hair exhibition, and gradually realized from equipment suppliers to the change of system integrators. At the same time, in the process of rapid expansion, the company follow the good faith, service, efficiency, innovative business philosophy, in providing better services to customers and more competitive products, on the basis of the construction of dedicated to and a sincere cooperation, forge ahead of the enterprise culture. Remain steadfast, steady consistent style, with the realistic, innovative style drive the improvement of the whole level of the enterprise, and embodied in the promotion, sales, application and service of the user and partners to establish a good heart like enterprise form.

 We by "the bear stearns, open up markets, expand the cooperation, share the achievements" cooperation mechanism, value and customer established reputation. At the same time pay attention to build a harmonious, respect and trust in everyone's corporate culture, emphasize honesty, professional spirit of cooperation. The company will continue to improve their technical level and practical system, further strengthen the cooperation with the customers, pay attention to the customer benefit, practical for common development contribution low power.

 The good faith management, professional services, the variety is complete product information, warm sincere service attitude, we look forward to working with you to create brilliant.

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